Xiaomi Dr. Bei Bass Travel Pack Toothbrush

Color: Blue
Sale pricePHP345.00

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Nickel silver plated bristles

Equipped with high quality nickel silver plates to affix the bristles which has high corrosion resistance and prevents bacterial growth.

Rounded brush head for a more comfortable brushing experience

The toothbrush is designed with a rounded brush head to avoid hurting the oral cavity.

Food grade material

The whole toothbrush is designed with food grade material to ensure the safety of the user.

Glossy anti-stain finish

The toothbrush used an optical-grade polish to prevent stain residuals.

The Dr. Bei Bass Travel Pack Toothbrush is equipped with an improved design and layout for a more effective brushing experience.

With a combination of functional bristles, it does not only help remove plaque, but also massages the gums effectively, preventing periodontal disease and ang relieving gingival bleeding.

Package Inclusions:
Dr. Bei Bass Toothbrush x 4

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