Redragon Mechanical Gaming Keyboard/Mouse 2 in 1 Set (ST-01)

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  • Keyboard:

-Plug-gable dust-proof blue axis, feel comfortable and long life
-Axial core with gold-plated contact contacts, 50 million button life
-standard 104 keys, full-key changeable shaft, no conflict
- Anti-static panel, PCB nano coating, waterproof and dust proof
-Two-color camouflage injection key cap, no fading, no wear
-Up to 100 million button life

  • Mouse:

-High-end fretting, 20 million button life
-military green camouflage print, better than ordinary spray paint
-PMW3325 chip, 500/1000/2000/3000/4000/5000 six-speed DPI free switch

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