Aula F1007 Gaming Chair

Color: Black & White
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ERGONOMIC AND MODERN SEATBACK DESIGN High Quality GAMING CHAIR DESIGNERGONOMIC SEATBACK DESIGN with adjustable backrest. 360° quiz rotation with 90* to 180° strong metal frame designed to help increase comfort, safety angle makes you more comfortable when playing games sitting down. Adjustable height from position, keeps you comfortable after hours of gaming or work Adjustable seat height, excellent logo embroidery technology, unique camouflage color, make the gaming chair more attractive Visually cool , Good sight Not tired after sitting for a long time 


Model number : AULA-1007

Chair Type : Gaming Chair

Black Color  Camouflage

Foam Type: Molded Foam

Backrest: Angle 90°~180°

Material: Upholstery Material PVC

Stitching: Embroidered Logo

Armrest: Can be adjusted as desired

Mechanism Type : Butterfly Mechanism

Hydraulic Gas Piston : 80mm Gaslift Class 3 with SGS sertifikasi certification

Plastic Cover : Yes

Head Pillow: Yes, 1 piece

Base Material: 350mm Nylon

Base Lumbar pillow: Yes, 1 pcs

Leather: PU Castor

Brown Cardboard

Dimensions 66*66*134cm

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