Xiaomi Dr. Bei Bass Children's Toothbrush

Color: Blue
Pieces: 1pcs
Sale pricePHP155.00

Available for delivery


High-quality bristles

Bristles that has an anti-bacterial rate of 99.9%

  • Japanese TORAY silver ion bristle Soft and exquisite which can prevent bacterial growth
  • Japanese TORAY pink bristle Soft and durable that has excellent cleaning ability
  • Japanese TORAY blue bristle Durable and elastic that has high cleaning efficiency

Nickel silver plated bristles

The Dr. Bei Children's Toothbrush uses high quality nickel silver plates to affix the bristles which has high corrosion resistance and prevents bacterial growth.

Flexible neck

The neck of the toothbrush can bend up to 180° in any direction to avoid accidentally hurting one's gums.

Package Inclusions:

Dr. Bei Children's Toothbrush x 1

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