Realme Selfie Tripod

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● Let's have a quick look on its key features :

• Bluetooth 5.1

• Separate Bluetooth remote

• Long Distance Effective Range of 10m

• Stable Upright Tripod

• Adjustable Length upto 60cm

• 360° Rotating Holder

• 162.5 gm Ultra Lightweight

● Usage of the realme Selfie Tripod:

• Parties :

At parties , the realme Selfie Tripod will help you to capture your precious moments with family and friends with ease.

• Travelling :

While travelling when you visit new places it will be easy for you to capture selfies with wide surrounding area. In case if no one is around you , not to worry you have your realme Selfie Tripod with you. So it will help you to capture your amazing pictures by using the device as "Tripod".

• Video calls :

During this pandemic time - classes , meetings and most of the work is conducted virtually. Also during this time , we are unable to meet our loved one so we connect with each other virtually through video calls. In this situation you can make the best use of the realme Selfie Tripod as "Tripod".

• Creating YouTube videos :

If you are YouTuber , the realme Selfie Tripod will help you to shoot videos perfectly with ease.

• Night photography :

One of the best use of the realme Selfie Tripod is during Night photography. It has a great stability. So you can easily capture Long exposure photos , Star trails photos and Timelapse videos blur-free.

So like this we can use realme Selfie Tripod om daily basis.

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