Logitech M186 Wireless Mouse

Color: Swift Grey
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Why buy Logitech M186 Wireless Optical Mouse


  • Wireless Mouse can be operated while physically away from the receiving device
  • Smooth Cursor Control is great for tight workspaces and busy desks
  • The contoured shape that follows the natural curve of your hand
  • A sleek and Stylish finish gives a regal look


If you want to work smoothly with your computer or laptop with ease, you need a perfect mouse that gives a perfect experience to you. So presenting you the Logitech M186 Wireless Optical Mouse for your tasks with perfect efficiency. Wireless mice are worth considering if you want to reduce desk clutter, if you play games in multiple locations, or if cable drag annoys you. It's ideal for cramped workstations and crowded desks because of its tiny size and excellent mouse movement. With a comfortable, contoured design that mimics the natural curvature of your hand, you can stay productive for longer. The mouse is small and wireless, so it fits conveniently in a bag with your laptop. It's intended to be comfortable for both left- and right-handed users. Get superb speedy performance by bringing home the Logitech M186 Wireless Optical Mouse online. Experience extra comfort with this mouse as it comes with soft grips and a multi-peripheral pairing USB receiver.


Coming with extremely unique features it is perfect for your work, you can buy Logitech M186 Wireless Optical Mouse. Simply attach the USB receiver to your computer mouse and begin working in seconds with a strong, dependable connection. Contour Mouse Wireless provides an excellent balance between ergonomics and efficiency. This mouse is ideal for small to large hands, cramped workspaces or offices, and busy desktops due to its tiny size and excellent cursor control. It has USB port compatibility as well and has a classy and attractive design. Then don’t wait to grab it Logitech M186 Wireless Optical Mouse online, right now!


Model Series
Model Number
Product Type
Ideal For
Desktop | Laptop
Compatible Model Series/Number
Connection Type
Tracking Method
Additional Features & Functions
USB Interface
Left & Right Handed
On-Device Control Type
On-Device Controls
Two Buttons, One Scroll Wheel
Standard Battery Life
Dimensions in cm (WxDxH)
3.99 x 6.53 x 9.98
Dimensions in Inches (WxDxH)
1.57 x 2.57 x 3.93
90 g

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