Huawei Mate40 Pro Ring Light Case

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Full Specs:

- Material: soft touch feeling.
- Nice cut-out, perfect for Mate 40 Pro.
- Easy to install and take out.

Huawei Mate 40 Pro Ring Light Case
Wireless Power Supply Slim Design 54 Bright Precisely Arranged LED Adjustable

Slim design with intelligent light
A sleek and lightweight unibody design with 54 bright, precisely arranged LED lights that brighten up your smile in any situation.

Wireless power supply
Your phone automatically and wirelessly powers the Ring Light Case when you open the pre-installed Camera app, with no battery required. Just turn on the light and you're ready to take brilliant selfies with glow and shine.

One button, many functions
This surprisingly capable button lets you easily turn the ring light on or off, as well as adjust its warmth and brightness, so you can always put yourself in the best light.

Press the button:
Turn on/off the ring light
Toggle the button downwards:
Open the ring light
Press and hold the button:
Switch between Low / Medium / High brightness
Press the button:
Switch between Mixed /Cool / Warm light

Capture the spotlight
The ring light pops up after toggling the button downwards, giving you extra light so you shine like a star in your selfies and vlogs.

Splendid shots, easy capture
When shooting in Portrait mode with your phone's rear camera, the Ring Light Case provides the required light for clearer images that look effortlessly professional, with the portrait standing out from a blurred background.

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