Glorious Gaming Race Mechanical Keycaps (Kailh)

Switches Color: Speed Silver
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The heart of any mechanical keyboard. These mechanical switches are manufactured and produced by Kaihua, and are fully compatible with our Glorious Modular Mechanical Keyboard.  Kaihua is the first company to truly innovate over the original Cherry switches, which have traditionally dominated the market.

The Kailh switches are unique and come in many varieties, differentiating itself from Gateron and Cherry switches. The Kailh switches come in three types: Box, Speed, and Pro.

Box switches have a reinforced stem that makes them waterproof and dust-proof. It also brings more stability, and reduces the wobble of your key caps.

Speed switches have a shorter travel and key activation distance compared to other types of switches (about 40-50% faster). These are ideal for competitive gamers, or people who want to increase their typing speed.

Pro switches are the best of both worlds between Box and Speed switches. They have a shorter travel/activation distance than box switches but a greater distance than speed switches.


  • Manufacturer: Kailh (Kaihua)
  • Compatible with the GMMK keyboard
  • Compatible with Cherry/Gateron/Kailh based keyboards
  • Compatible with + stem keycaps
  • PLATE Mounted
  • Transparent switch housing
  • SMD Led Compatible
  • Lifetime: 70 million cycles


  • 120 (±1) Kailh Mechanical Switches
  • Tweezers
  • Quick Start Guide

Compatible with the Glorious Modular Mechanical Keyboard

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