Aula F3018 Dual Touch Switch Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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  • One-piece metal panel with a stylish appearance that is resistant to rust and scratches.
  • The keycap uses a sturdy, difficult-to-fade two-color injection molding process. There are numerous hues available.
  • The trigger stroke is 2.0 mm, the keys are responsive, and the keyboard is quite tiny.
  • With a mechanical blue axis switch construction, it can withstand 50 million keystrokes and has superb hand feel.
  • Backlighting for keycaps and gaps is available in single or mixed colors, and it is homogeneous in color.
  • A full-key, conflict-free operation is supported.
  • It includes two modes that may be freely switched between, including an office mode and a game mode.



▸ 108 Keys
▸ Keylife: 50 Million
▸ LEOBOG Switch
▸ Tactile Force: 60±10g
▸ Tactile Travel: 2mm±0.6
▸ Multi-Functional & Media Control
▸ with Software

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