Akko MOD005 RGB Mechanical Keyboard Hot-Swappable DIY Kit Gasket Mount With 67-Key Layout

Color: Gray
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AKKO MOD005 kit is designed with a 65% layout to be more suitable for both office typing and gamers. This keyboard kit houses 67 keys with necessary arrow keys. It is equipped with hot swappable terminals, which allows you to install the switches directly without soldering.

  • Akko’s First 65% Aluminum Gasket DIY Kit (67-key);
  • Gasket mount (3mm Poron);
  • Wired Type-C (supports Type-C to Type-C as well );
  • RGB Backlit with 4028 SMD LED;
  • Case Material: CNC + Anodic Oxidation;
  • Plate: Aluminum with an additional FR4 Plate;
  • TTC 5-pin Hot-swappable Socket;
  • Support both plate mount and PCB screw-in stabilizer (1.6mm PCB);
  • Noise Reduction Foam (3.5mm High Density EVA);
  • 4mm Bottom Noise Reduction Foam;
  • Windows/MacOS/Linux;
  • Comes with a Coiled Cable;
  • Support Akko Cloud Driver (for Macro and RGB Setting).

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