Akko Horizon 3087DS Mechanical Keyboard

Switch: Akko 2nd Gen Pink
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Rising Horizon

Inspired by sunrise at seashore and styled with blue/yellow colorway, the Akko “Horizon” keyboard restores the sunrise view of horizon at sea level. It is where the ocean meets the sky, and brings beauty and peace.


Type: Linear

Lifespan:>50 million

Bottom Out Travel: 4.0mm

Protection Class: IP40

Actuation Point: 1.9mm

Actuation Force: 45gf



Switch Akko 2nd Gen/Akko 2nd Gen Blue/Akko 2nd Gen Pink
Interface USB Type C
Macro Akko Macro V1.0
N-Key Rollover Supported
Disable Winlock Supported
Backlit No backlit/Support Led Mod by users with preserved LED slots
Hot-Swappable N/A
Model 3087
Dimensions 360*140*40mm
Weight Approximately 0.95KG
Material PBT Material
Profile OEM
Printing Technology Double Shot
Side-Printed N/A

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