Akko ACR64 RGB Mechanical Keyboard DIY Kit Hot-Swappable Socket Gasket Mount With 64-Key

Layout: Acrylic
Color: Blue
Sale pricePHP3,250.00

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A New Trend of Gasket Mount
With the success of the first gasket mount DIY kit of MOD003, we continue to release more gasket mount choices for our community. Here we are, ACR64, a gasket mount 60% DIY kit! The gasket mount strenthens the board with a slightly more cushioned feeling since the plate is not in direct contact with the other metal components of the keyboard, which presents an even typing feeling at each conor of the keyboard.

Acrylic-Stacked Case with Double Muffled Foams
Acrylic based keyboard can often be more brightened with backlights. For ACR64, the case is manufacturered with acrylic-stacked technique. In the meanwhile, we are dedicated to reducing the hallow sound from the keyboard. To reach this goal, this kit is also equipped with muffled foam between the PCB and the mounting plate. In this way, the keyboard presents a great silent atmosphere for typing experience.

Type-C Connection & Compatible with Windows/Mac/Linus
A coiled cable of which color matches the DIY kit is attached within. With the type-C interface, the ACR64 ensures fast and stable connection, compatible for most mainstream devices. Moreover, the DIY kit is compatible with OS on Windows/Mac/Linus. It surely meets the needs of each user to work efficiently or gaming/working status switching.

RGB Backlight Available
For an ultimate light effect, RGB is a must-be element. Epomaker AKKO ACR64 kit continues to meet your needs and thus this model is equipped with RGB SMD light. Being a work of technique, it’s more than a keyboard.

Akko’s First Acrylic Gasket DIY Kit;
Gasket mount (3.0mm High-Density EVA);
Wired Type-C (supports Type-C to Type-C as well );
RGB Backlit with 6028 SMD LED;
Case Material: Acrylic, Laser, CNC, SandBlast;
FR4 Plate;
TTC 5-pin Hot-swappable Socket;
Plate Mount Stabilizer;
Noise Reduction Foam (3.5mm High Density EVA);
Comes with a Coiled Cable (Matching Acrylic Color).

NOTE: All acrylic DIY Kit will come with two Akko switches installed on the top left and lower right key for positioning purposes only.

  • MODEL: ACR64
  • MATERIAL: Acrylic case
  • CONNECTIVITY: Type-C Cable
  • STRUCTURE: Gasket Mount
  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 310mm(L)*120mm(W)*25mm(H)
  • WEIGHT: Around 0.7kg

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