A4Tech FX51 FStyler Mini Scissor Switch Keyboard

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The whisper-quiet, low-profile keys bring a whole new level of comfort to your fingertips.

  • Scissor Switch Keys

    Scissor Switch Keys

  • Operating System Swap

    Operating System Swap

  • Multimedia Hot Keys

    Multimedia Hot Keys

  • Smooth Scissor Switch Keys Structure

    Each keystroke will be rewarded with a smooth tactile response from Scissor Key Switch Keycaps. Calibrated precision, 1.5mm actuation point, less key chatter.

  • Low-Profile Chocolate Keycaps

    Ultra-slim chocolate style keycap structure allows for a comfortable typing experience, best for long work hours.

  • Multimedia Hot Keys Access

    One touch to access 12 multimedia & internet functions with FN + F1 to F12.

  • Detachable Cable

    The USB Type-C cable is detachable for convenience of portability.

  • Anti-Slippery Pads

    Prevents keyboard moving or vibrating during the working.

  • Operating System Swap

    Compatible with Mac & Windows, easily change layout from one OS to another.

Keyboard: FX51
Keycaps: Ultra-Slim
Actuation Point: 1.8 ± 0.3 mm
Hotkeys: 12 FN Multimedia Hotkeys
Character: Silk Printing + UV
Splash Proof: Yes
Cable: 150 cm
Port: USB
Illuminated: No
System Platform: Windows / Mac

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