A4tech Bloody T50A Infrared Micro Switch Gaming Mouse

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The A4Tech Bloody T50 Winner – the mouse is designed for gamers, and optical switches provide a response time of less than 1 ms. The Bloody T50 is equipped with 8 buttons, each of which can be programmed, and a classic scroll wheel. The mouse design is equipped with metal legs for better sliding, and the sensor is able to work on any surface. A quick and accurate device reaction gives a huge advantage to the player over rivals. The innovative stepwise shape of the product of this model provides it with light and smooth sliding on any surface without the use of a rug.


 Model    Bloody T50A
 Type  optical 
 Connection  wired, USB
 Wire length   1.8 m
 Backlight  customizable, multi-colored
 Sensor resolution   4000 dpi
 Senor Sensitivity Change   there is
 Maximum acceleration  20 g
 Maximum speed  1.524 m / s
 USB Port Poll Frequency  125-1000 Hz
 Number of buttons  8
 Number of programmable keys   8
 Design  for right hand 
 Case cover     rubberized left and right button   
 Color  black and gray
 Dimensions  119 x 79 x 39 mm
 Weight  129 g


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