Job Description:

  • As an online sales representative, you sell products and services via the internet on a commission basis, instead of face to face with a customer. You may work in one of several industries including insurance, automotive, and retail, and may either telecommute or work from a company office during normal business hours. Your duties include finding leads and conducting the necessary follow-up to meet sales quotas. Other responsibilities include maintaining records, resolving client issues, and participating in any required training. Some amount of travel is often required for online sales representatives.


  • Assisting orders of customer through online.

  • Explaining and demonstrating products to customers.

  • Meeting sales targets.

  • Compiling weekly and monthly reports.


  • No experience needed!

  • AT LEAST knowledgeable in Laptops or Mobile Phones.

  • High School, Senior High School, College Level or Graduate is welcome!

  • Customer Service Experience Non-Voice or Voice Account is an Advantage but not required.

  • MUST HAVE own Laptop or Desktop and stable internet connection (Equipment and internet allowance are not provided).

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