Job Description:

  • Records purchases, maintains database, performs physical count of inventory, and reconciles actual stock count to computer-generated reports. Receives, unpacks, and delivers goods; re-stocks items as necessary; labels shelves. Processes and/or approves invoices for payment.


  1. The Main responsibility of the Inventory Custodian is to safeguard the two primary assets in the store:

  • Inventory – by ensuring the stockroom is arranged orderly and regularly audited

  • Sales – by ensuring that proper cash handling guidelines and credit card, Home Credit transactions are executed diligently

  1. Other Administrative Tasks that are part of the Inventory Custodian’s Scope

  • Receiving of inventory deliveries

  • Compliance with BIR, Business Permit and other government requirements

  • Selling – in cases when manpower is short

  • Assisting Customers w Defective units


  • AT LEAST 6 months related experience.

  • High School, Senior High School, College Level or Graduate is welcome!

  • Amenable to work on site and start asap!


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