Job Description:

  • The Accounts Payable department is responsible for the financial, administrative and clerical support of a company. They are in charge of making payments owed by the company to suppliers and other creditors, paying vendor invoices or bills, and recording the company’s short-term debts. This department is vital for the smooth functioning of any business entity. Accounts Payable is usually its own department in larger companies but in smaller businesses accounts payable and receivable tasks are usually combined.


  • Payments of Local & Foreign Suppliers via Check & Wire Transfers

  • Availment of cash discounts for prompt payments

  • Release of Checks & 2307 (including monitoring of released checks)

  • Supplier Invoice Document Management

  • Intra & Interbank Fund Transfer

  • Payroll (Credit to Account & Check preparation)

  • Petty Cash Fund Management (Set-up, Recording & Liquidation including actual receipts)

  • Vendor Master Data Management

  • AP Aging Analysis

  • Insurance monitoring

  • Gift Certificate monitoring

  • Supplier Billing Monitoring (recurring monthly expenses)

  • Supplier account reconciliation

  • Other tasks that may be assigned   


  • Graduate of BS Accountancy

  • 1-4 years of experience in Accounts Payables posting & payments including interaction with Supplier

  • Good understanding of Expense posting and accrual

  • Willing to work onsite    

  • Knowledgeable in MS Office especially MS Excel and Word

  • Familiar with excel functions and keyboard shortcuts

  • Good communication skills both oral and written

  • Can work under pressure and prioritize tasks on hand

  • Highly analytical and independent

  • Team player


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